An overdue update & a new project announcement....

May 9 | Posted by: The Band

We've been quiet these last few months - at least as far as status updates and such go - so we (Tim and Jon) wanted to take a quick moment to update you in all that's going on with Starfield these days.

2012 was an amazing year for us.  As our record deal with EMI/Sparrow came to an end we had no difficulty deciding on our next steps.  We didn't want a new deal with another label - we wanted to be independent - to be free to chart our own course.  That led us to writing and recording "The Kingdom", one of the most satisfying records we've ever made and one that's been very successful.  We followed that with our Kingdom Canada tour, which was one of the most-attended tours we've done in our entire career.  We then put out the Song for Christmas EP - a fun project we did without any grand strategy - we wanted to do it so we did.

That brought us to January of 2013 and an interesting question - with complete freedom to do whatever we wanted, what do we choose?

The first answer was to slow down - to spend more time with family, to travel less.  That's been incredibly satisfying, especially as both of our families continue to expand.  The second answer was a bit of a surprise:  fewer concerts and more church services.  Both of us began leading worship in churches across Canada and the US on Sunday mornings, engaging with the local congregations in a way we haven't been able to do in a long time.  So what does the future hold?

First of all, it holds more Starfield shows and more Starfield music.  We're inspired by all that happened in 2012 to keep testing new ground.  

For Jon, it does mean more opportunities to lead worship.  I'm doing a lot of traveling on my own, leading worship on Sunday mornings with churches.  I'm doing a lot of songwriting.  I'm doing work with Food for the Hungry to continue to make a difference in the world.  A record might be coming down the road.

For Tim, that is all true for me as well - songwriting, leading worship, doing mission work.  But I've also recorded a solo record, titled "Trees", and I'll release it on June 4th.  Leading worship those Sunday mornings reawakened my passion for great worship songs that churches sing every Sunday, and that's what this record became.  You'll be seeing a lot more info about it in the days to come.

So that's the update for now - whether you're a new fan or you've been with us since the beginning, thanks for listening and supporting us.  

Tim & Jon

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